Walking In The Rain

One warm, misty and rainy morning I set out for a walk when a little further on in my journey the clouds started to roll up, the fog thickening there was a storm brewing in the back of them clouds.
I was only a few blocks from our home when it occurred to me, walking in a spring rain might be refreshing to me, as long as it was a gentle rain. My mind began to wander, what if it’s a horrible storm and not a gentle rain? I started to head towards home, hoping to beat the rain.With a loud crack of thunder the rains began to come, fast and furiously. There seemed to be no lightning with this rain so I figured I’d continue on homewards. In my mind I was playing over the night that Zeke and I spent together last night before he left this morning to head out for another business trip. I hated them, I hated him having to go out on business trips, only because the kids and I couldn’t see him and well I missed my darling husband madly when he was away for more than a day. While in my dreamlike state replaying last night with a soft smile gracing my lips I was jilted out of my day dream by the sound of a car and a car horn honking to obtain my attention. I shook it off and looked to see what was the cause for the ruckus and when I did a huge smile took over my lips, for it was my honey Zeke trying to wake me from my dream list state to get me into the car to go home and get in some dry clothing. Once I stopped and got into the car he then said I was thinking I was going to have to get your attention kidnapping style as he leans over touches my cheek softly before kissing my lips passionately. I said I was in deep thought going over last night in my mind. Thinking how much I didn’t want to let you go and that I’d rather be in your arms every waking moment of our lives. I brushed a swooping lock of his hair from his eyes before kissing him once more and telling him how much I love him. Once settled into the car he put the car into drive and started towards home as I snuggled against him.

Dot-be Abramo cropped shirt female(wear me) & Dot-be april gift 2014- Edited

Outfit:Dot-be Abramo cropped shirt female(wear me) & Dot-be april gift 2014
Added to outfit: FB – Blue Jean Shorts
Shoes:*LP* Swift Sneakers
Hair:W&Y 1 Prem Hair 01
Skin:Zoul Creations – Cara – Tone 0 (Available at Skin Fair 2014)
Eyes: pc eyes classic – Calm Sea
Finger Nails: Bamboo Nails – Natural


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