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Rezzday: 09/27/2008 (1557)

timezone: CST

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If your looking for my newer posts then the blog you will want t ovisit will be. This was my very first original blog that I was told I couldnt use by Bonie so then wordpress was born but I am happy and back to my roots,

I am finally home again! Namaste! Just copy and paste link into your browser and look at all the newness and how fancy my blog is!!


As many of you know I am retired from modeling for several reasons. The biggest one was due to BonieFacio and the fiasco that went on with UEMA. For the ones that don’t know I’ll briefly detail it in a short story. I had tried to close UEMA for a couple of weeks (2 weeks) and I mentioned this to Bonie and he decided that his word meant more than mine did and it was my agency and my land. The intent was to close for a brief vacation (due to my health) AFTER Fashion For Life. I sent the note stating that I was closing the agency a few weeks after FFL and he pipped up in the group saying that he would keep the agency open. I don’t know who the hell he thought he was to OVERRIDE me as an owner but from there it was a wager of full on war that resulted in the demise of UEMA. Have I considered reopening UEMA? NO I learned a valuble lession with UEMA and Bonie that its nice to have an agency and it is fun however to have a COO like BonieFacio had it’s Ups and downs and more so downs than ups. What people don’t understand is that what they see from Bonie makes him charming and he seems a wonderful person. Well that is partly true just not completely. Bonie was abusive. With this alleged chronic pain he was supposedly having very nasty and abusive towards me behind closed doors and all the while he was talking with the models talking shit about me behind my back. He even drove a wedge between a girl that I had known since 2010 and I thought alot of her. Every now and again I think he think he thinks I come off my guard and that I will IM him thanking him for the items he sends me from Dot.Be or for shows and anything he can add your name to a scriber to. I simply send it back to him and AR him. There are things that people dont know about Bonie and to be honest… I don’t care anymore I’m over it and its a new year I intend on leaving him in the desert trash. I dabble a little with fashion but I mostly have a Gacha Resell Shop, I’m a General Manager in a club and I’m back to DJing. I still model MY way in my blogs. My Blogs are Not Demanding and have no bearing on my health like UEMA and Bonie did. Bonie was causing my blood pressure to be increasingly high to elevations that was dangerous and my Doctor was considering High Blood Pressure Medications, I begged her to give me at least 6 months to fix it and she agreed to give me 3 months. After I closed UEMA and got fully Rid of Bonie which was a while later that I rid myself completely of him but he also was lying to Ponchi saying I was not around, Oh yes I was. My blood pressure is normal no longer dangerous numbers and I dont have the stress and abuse or bonie in my life any longer. Granted the stress was Bonie and the agency the abuse was all Bonie about the agency, models, schooling blah blah blah and it was a trigger of Post Traumatic Stress or PSD (I was in an abusive marriage in real life) so I’m sure you can see how this all intertwined and escalated the issues and problems causing my medical distress not to mention a few secrets that are swept under several rugs and I have thrown said rugs out into the trash as well but be it known that Karma is in deed a bitch and when she comes a gunning for you, no need to run or hide she WILL get you and well the clock is ticking on when Karma will catch up to Bonie and all the lies that circle around him, its just sad that more people will be hurt in the end of this because lies cut deeply and the pain of some scars never fade. I however am proud of the work I had done as a model and I will leave it available for all to see and read if IF I ever chose to do some modeling it would have to be a print job and or paid gig because it’s not something I do on a regular basis anymore and I am certainly not updated in modeling to present status like I was 3 years ago. Ok, thats enough of this I have some RL to do but wanted to clear the air for the final time here at the start of 2016 because this is going to be an amazing year!

Availability For Modeling: No Available times, I’m retired.

I’m Retired from Runway Modeling, I will do any Print, Live modeling job you’d like to offer and I will do it in Model Form.

Skins – 400+

Bodies – 10+ All Modifiable

Hairs – 60+ styles (From Truth, LOGO, Ploom, ICONIC, Catawa, Damselfly, Vixen, Magika, Tukinowaguma & Many Others Mostly blonde however I do have a variety of colors, Wasabi Pills) along with many others!

Willing to change look for job : Yes

Willing to buy items not already owned: Yes

Poses – 500+

Current Experience:
ஐ Finesmith Gemstone (No longer a Finesmith Gemstone)
ஐ Skyfall Fashion Models Inc Agency Model (CLOSED, The Girl who owned SFMI had a baby and left SL)
ஐ Skyfall Fashion Models Inc (SFMI) Trainer (Resigned)
ஐ Forbidden Butterfly Owner, Designer & Blogger (No longer making new stock)

ஐ Former Owner of VCB Trendz Boutique – Closed (renamed to Forbidden Butterfly)

I just deal in gacha resell Items and band clothing.
Former Expierence:
ஐ Former Owner of UEMA or Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency & Academy – Closed
ஐ Former Owner of Le Defile de Mode Magazine – Closed
ஐ Owner of ModExpo – Closed

Model & Designer Assistant Groups
ஐ Owner of Models Network Connection Group (Helping The Fashion Industry Connect To Each other, designers with models and Employers providing Modeling Jobs to Models from Print, Runway, Live, Video, Magazine, SL Syndicated Fashion Television Shows and programs and Fashion Related Machinama. NO JUNK ADVERTISED. (pretty much a dead group again thanks to Bonie it use to be a thriving group till he came along)

ஐ Owner of Designers for Charities Group to connect Designers with legit charities in SL (Closed) We may bring this back if there is an genuine interest between designer & charities who want to work together for a cause

ஐ Blogging –

Siren Productions Blogger

Fashion For Life Blogger

Hush Skins


Morea Style

Delirium Style

Poets Heart

Zed Sensations

Sexy Dreams

* Random Blogs Here & There *

Vero Modero (1 Blog)
Entre Mares (1 Blog)

* Former Brands I Blogged For *

MyDear (Formerly)

* Charities I’ve Blogged For *

Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2013
Fashion For Life 2012
FFC Fantasy Faire Backstage 2012
POE Syndicated Blog I’m starting to Blog for.

I am only accepting 2 more designers to blog for. You will need a scriber system or I will have to add it to another main avatar I have 2 VioletCrush Bravin & VioletCrush Residkent (both girls are identical to a T).

Syndications to Blog for, I’m always looking for more persons wanting to add bloggers to their syndication strings, I’d be more than happy to become syndicated under your blogging community.

Certification & Graduation Informationo
ஐ Graduated MA Modeling Academy & Agency Dec 4th 2010

ஐ UEMA Certificate
ஐ Skyfall Fashion Model Inc Agency Certificate

ஐ I’m ALWAYS evolving into as much as I possibly can!

*Print Work*
ஐ Current Print Work
Forbidden Butterfly
Viktoria’s Secrets
Finesmith Gemstone

*Former Print Works*
ஐ Dot-Be Print Model
ஐ VCB Trendz Botique Print Work on new design releases
ஐ Unofficial Print Job 9/15/12 Stefanie Setan asked if she could use my photo I said yes (Blue Background) – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Maja-peony-Pink-Butterfly/3446968
ஐ Unofficial Print Job JCNY (Photo is in the wedding ring section, in a Vita’s Boudoir Gown called Gold Elisabeth
ஐ Print Job 9/2/12 – http://babetteupshaw1.wix.com/imaginethatstudio#!models/crq0
ஐ 9-7-2010 Print Ad Job for a Nakari Tolsen’s soon to be opening store
ஐ 12-01-2010 Print Ad Job For Rihanna Sheriffe, Leimoni

ஐ Vengeful Threads Model – Fall 2013 (Formerly)
ஐ Vassnia Model – Summer – Winter 2012 (Formerly)
ஐ JCNY Showcase Model – May 21st – Dec 2011, No longer at JCNY)
ஐ JCNY Showcase Model – May 21st – July 2nd (Formerly)
ஐ Vengeful Threads Model – Summer 2012 (Formerly)
ஐ JCNY Showcase Model – July Week 2 – Nov 1st 2010 (Formerly)

* Contests & Pageants Ive Entered*
ஐ Mohna Lisa Contest 2012-2013 (Current)
ஐ Miss Countdown 2013
ஐ Studio Ludmila Larnia Photo Contest
ஐ MyFaceModelPool – Winner 􀀄
ஐ White Armory Fall/Winter
ஐ Carries Lingerie Contest
ஐ CHAMPAGNE!CONTEST/Sparkling Face of the Month 2012
ஐ Miss Azul 2011
ஐ Carries Lingerie 2011
ஐ Miss White Armory 2011
ஐ CHAMPAGNE!CONTEST/Sparkling Face of the Month2011
ஐ Petite Amie Idols 2011
ஐ Rock Me Amadeusu 2011
ஐ Calandar Models 2010, 2011
ஐ Mohna Lisa Contest 2010, 2011, 2012
ஐ Morgane Batista Poses Shop monthly contest 2011
ஐ MP Queen Contest 2010 , 2011
ஐ Miss Bliss Couture 2011 November
ஐ CHAMPAGNE!CONTEST/Sparkling Face of the Month2010
ஐ *~* 50000l$ Next TOP Model CONTEST- Pearl’s designs*~* 2010
ஐ Lingerie Boutique Babe Contest 2010
ஐ Carries Lingerie Contest 2010
ஐ **Rubies Pageant, (5th place) 2010
ஐ **Make It Work April, Finalist 2010
ஐ Miss SE Summer 2010 (SuperElite SuperSearch)
ஐ Miss Azul Contest 2010
ஐ Miami Store Model Search 2010
ஐ Benningborough Model Awards 2008/2009
ஐ HOB Model Troupe 2010
ஐ Make It work July 2010

*Shows Organized and Accomplished Presently*
(Most recient show listed to the top)

ஐ Organized a show on Dec 16th at 3:00 PM Slt, UEMA Graduation Show (Welcome 2013)

ஐ Organized a show on Dec 9th at 1:00 PM Slt , Kastle Rock

ஐ Organized a show on Nov 30th at 2:00 PM Slt , Styles By Danielle

ஐ Organized a show on Nov 17th at 2:00 PM Slt, VCB Trendz Boutique

ஐ Organized a show on Oct 28th at 3:00 PM Slt, MEB Show

ஐ Organized a show on Oct 27th at 2:00 PM Slt, Dot-Be Designs

ஐ Organized a show on Oct 20 at 3:00 PM Slt, Vero Medero

ஐ Organized a show on July 21st at 1:00 PM Slt, Morea Style

ஐ Organized a show on June 24th at 1:00 PM Slt, Tres Beau

We’re currently in search for out next Designer to do a show for, we have several in the works.

*Will update this as the list grows*

*Past UEMA Shows Organized and Accomplished d*
[Sadly this site has been suspended]
Secret Garden Fashion Show, House Of Dashwood

ஐ June 28th @ 1:00 PM, Body Essentials Shape Show, VCB Designs, VioletCrush Bravin

ஐ July 10Th @ 1:00 PM, The Secret Garden, The House Of Dashwood, Dashwood Muircastle

ஐ Aug 16th @ 2:00 PM, It’s A Sage, Sage Fashion’s, Sage Pexie

ஐ Saige Elton for Saige Elton Haute Couture Sept 25th at 1:00 PM SLT

ஐ Oct 3rd @ 4:00 PM, Falling Into Fall, Dashwood Muircastle

*Former Agencies*
ஐ Seductions Models (Model) (Gone)
ஐ Metamorphosis Modeling Agency (Model & photographer
ஐ Metamorphosis Magazine) (Gone)
ஐ A|E Productions (Model) (Gone)
ஐ Image Modeling (Model) (Gone)
ஐ LFWFW Models (Model) (Gone)
ஐ Unleashed Models (Print Model) (Gone)
ஐ Leimoni Fashion District (Live & Print Model) (Gone)
ஐ Beaute Precieuse Modeling Agency (Gone)

Contact info:

Portfolio available by request. or view my flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/violetcrushbravin/

My Personal online portfolio & Resume (Needs updated to current notecard resume status) No Updates)

My Moolto (Dont loginto anymore, cant recall email or passy lol but it dont matter either so lol who cares?)

My Blog: I’ve updated to my NEW none model blog, its actually my original blog made in 2012 I think it was. So this blog I never update anymore. I’ll add link to my new blog in the upper area of this sheet.

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