Blogger Information

Blog Information

If you’d like to be added to the list of designers I blog for please feel free to send me a notecard inwolrd, I’ll be happy to blog for you in my spare time.
I would prefer no groups as my group spaces are completely full at this time due to group limit cap. Blogger Kiosks are amazing in cases like this. I am syndicated. Here are details and more information about my blogging below.
Thank you and have a wonderful day/night.

Violet <33

I Currently Blog For The Following:
ஐ Blogging –
Forbidden Butterfly
Fashion Nights
Bamboo Nails
Delirium Style
Hush Skins Shey
Poets Heart
D&G Fashions
House Of Dashwood
Ezura Zue

I’m always interested in amazing quality designers to blog for so please send me a notecard inwolrd or an email, I look forward to blogging for you!

* Random Blogs Here & There *

Vero Modero (1 Blog)
Entre Mares (1 Blog)

* Charities I’ve Blogged For *

Fashion For Life (Relay For Life) 2013
Fashion For Life 2012
FFC Fantasy Faire Backstage 2012
POE5 (I’m looking forward to being a designer & Blogger in POE6 in 2013)

*Random Designers I’ve blogged for*
Focus Poses MKT
Vero Modero
Entre Mares

* Former Brands I Blogged For *
MyDear (Formerly)
Hot Stuff

*Former Blogs I Blogged On*
OTFC (Stopped Blogging for them due to Owners Demands on MY SL, I don’t take kindly to someone issuing dictation on how I am going to play my Secondlife).

I’m Always accepting new Brands to blog for, your welcome to ask me to blog for your brand. Please know that I do not have group space for a group I can click a scribe.

Syndications to Blog for, I’m always looking for more persons wanting to add bloggers to their syndication strings, I’d be more than happy to become syndicated under your blogging community.

My Blog

I gladly accept review items. Please know that I may/may not use your items, I can’t promise that I will, if I do, I may blog some & not others. Blogging is not my main job in SL, I do it in my spare time. I reserve the right to publish what I feel is suitable to my style, mood, feel & if it looks good on my avi. Dont be offended if I dont blog something you sent me.

Please take a moment to provide some info.
1. Put contents in a folder (store name/Blogger)
2. Give me some info & a SLURL to your store

If you’d like me to blog for you send me some information and I’ll be happy to blog for you in my spare time.
I appreciate you taking a moment to read this.
Thank You!

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