I Blog For….

Posting During Spring & Summer Months
I live in the Mid-West in the United States and the area of the Mid-West where I live is called Tornado Alley Posting Blogs may be behind during the storms. 
Thank you for your patience & understanding during this time.

I do have a RL Job and can’t be in SL 24/7/365 please understand this. I enjoy Second Life as a hobby  and not as a replacement for my Real Life.
I have had people turn really assy with me about this and it is what it is,
It’s Real life FIRST….ALWAYS, period no exceptions what so ever!!

Please understand that when I blog I may not blog everything given to me, I will blog then items that suit my personal style and mood aesthetic. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like your items it just means I choose to blog what fits my personal style and mood…Some days I feel classy, some days I feel like a grunge bunny and will be into industrial, goth, classy, sport wear and so on. The beauty of life is choice.

I’ve downsized alot of designers that I have blogged for because my RL is taking a bit of time these days, some good some not so good but hey it’s life right? However if I apply to a designer it is because I truly wish to blog their amazing designs!


1). Son!a Edge – ACTIVELY

2). Evolve (Also Live Model At BOSL Pavillion)  – ACTIVELY

3). WitchCraft  – ACTIVELY

4). Cinnamon Cocaine  – ACTIVELY

5). Suicidal Thots  – ACTIVELY

6). Ghostyss  – ACTIVELY

7). Looking for new active sponsors

8). Looking for new active sponsors


10). HUSH SKINS (HS) – Resigned due to Hush Darkrose not being on line for over a year and no new creations – Sadly

11). THE DARKNESS CHAMBER FAIR (TDCF) – Designer Participation Periodically when I can due  to RL

12). BEAUTY OF DARKNESS (-BOD-) – Resigned due to RL

13). PINUP TATTOOS & STYLE (PU) – Resigned due to Blogotex use

14). BARELY LEGAL COUTURE (BLC) – Resigned – no products in 6+ months

15). ZED SENSATIONS (ZS) – Resigned due to RL

16). SEXY DREAMS (SD) – Resigned due to RL

17.) EVIL BUNNY PRODUCTIONS (TWE12VE EVENT) – Only signed up for one event.


19). I ALSO BLOG MY OWN BRANDS Antisocial & M’era Luna Couture

20). SIREN PRODUCTIONS (SP) – STATUS UNKNOWN (Closed or on Hiatus).

21). MOREA STYLE – WENT OUT OF BUSINESS (such sadness).

22.) Pink Ice Boutique (PIB) Resigned only blogger in the group, no designs released (I cant say I blame her, I was the only blogger that was active).

For a short period of time I will be accepting only 2 (two) new sponsors to complete my sponsor list as my RL time doesn’t permit me to have more than the ones chosen on the main blog page.

After the 2 (Two have been chosen my accepting status will change to currently NOT accepting new Brands to blog for at this time, however you are welcome to ask me to blog for your brand and I will consider it.

This does NOT mean that I will use the remainder of the 60 (paid account has more group space than a free account) groups for blogging!!
I will allow only 2 sponsors on my blog.
I will consider events, however it will depend on my RL and the time I have for Second Life.

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