LOTD – Expensive


You can view all of my photo content by clicking on my Flicker Link below!

Here is a new look as of August 17th 2015

Here we have Waterloo Station in London, UK

The most expensive items in this look is The Belleza Venus Mesh Body, Akeyo Princess AO, Hair and the Pants!

You can have this look for (Excluding the Glam Affair Skin As it’s no longer sold) $7,183L Not a Cheap Look unless you purchase the Akeyo Top and Shoes and the Fifty Linden Skins From Belleza and Glam Affair as the have them (the stores alternate) then you can have a top, Shoes and skin for $248L

My next Adventure will be Belleza Vensu Mesh Body, LeLuketa Mesh Head For Glam Affair Skins and whatever look I conjure up for that and where I decide to be in the world

Top: AKEYO_Hoodie_NEON_BOX    $99L

Pants: [Neurolab Inc.] MESH Baggyz Electro Black V.2.51   $590L

Body: Belleza Venus Mesh Body  $3995L (inwolrd SLURL)

Shoes:Akeyo Shoes    $99L

Hair: {MAGIC} Special Rigged  Mesh Hair HV46  $250L (This has all colors)

Skin:- Glam Affair – Penny FLF – Viva la noce – Jamaica
FORMER Fifty Linden Friday Skin Exclusive No Longer Offered

Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea $250L inworld at Poetic Colors

Akeyo AO $1900L (there have been MANY added animations to my personal AO that has made the AO worth over $5,000L)

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