Mr. Zeke & Mrs. Violet Freaks Estate Home

The Freak Families amazing house!
I wanted to take a little bit of time to show you around the newest build of our house. The house is build by Isa Paris, she has some amazing houses, I’m so guilty as I own 3 of them lol.
This house is big enough for all the kids and grandchildren to frolic about and play. Play with the animals, swing in the tree’s tire swing, jump in the boat and cruise around out island, go swimming, dance, play greedy and watch movies. There is always something for the kids to do when they are at home.
I will tell you about each photo so you can see and know what room it is. I must say I have actually impressed myself with the layout and decor of this amazing house. I didn’t realize when I bought it it was so spacious and the layout was easy to decorate. It gives us privacy as well as the ability to be involved with the kids. It’s bright and warm and you can feel the love the Freak family has the minute you get the group tag and are allowed on the property. Yes, you have to have the land group to actually gain entry to the island as we like our privacy and none drama retreat. My favorite place in SecondLife I have to admit is being home in our home. It’s safe, secure and you know that no one will be coming onto the land to cause troubles because you can’t gain entry unless you want to pay 100.00L’s for 10 minutes and that’s just enough time for you to act like an ass and get Ejected, banned on the land as well as estate banned and money jangling in our pockets all due to you being an ass! Lol Thankies :p I don’t know of anyone in their right mind that would pay 100K Lindens to come onto a property just to be an asshole lol but the option is definitely for the taking.

On to the Estate House shall we!

This is a photo of the whole Estate House Property (The Reefs that are behind me aren’t shown in this photo but are shown in another photo)
Entire Property 1

This next photo is showing some of the landscaping as well as our Boat displaying USA Pride!
Boat and partial Landscaping 1

Further out we have more of the Front Yard and our Grill that we do family BBQ’s as well as Parties for Friends and family to come and enjoy on special functions and holidays.
front yard and grille

We have a dock that everyone can sit on and enjoy the water splashing and washing up on the shore. Be ware….This has a naughtier menu to it also, and yes Zeke and I are NOT afraid to use that menu when we are all alone and the kids aren’t home.
lighthouse and cuddle dock

As I said there was some Reefs that was behind me and didn’t make it in the Frontal of our Estate Home, here are them Reefs in our vast waters for all sorts of fun!
Our water front property

The kids have plenty of animals to play with from Twilight Royal our ABC Horse to the Blender Fenuxes to my beloved Cat baby (Who is a part of my RL and was brought into SL so I had my RL lil monster with me in Secondlife – There will be a photo ofl him a little later).
Our family pets. Paris & France Blender Fenux and Twilight Royal, Black ABC Horse

Now we will see parts of the outter cavity of the Estate House. We will go from Left to right starting at the Master Bedroom (Our bedroom).
Our Bedroom  - Outside looking in

We have a center prior to the Entertainment Area, in this area we provide several things such as Greedy, Dancing, A Bar, Dining area, Cuddle Swing And Garden with Waterfalls which you will see closer up soon.
family and friends come and play greedy

Now we will see the outside of the Entertainment Room which is on the right side of the house, if you are standing with the water behind you it would be the right end of the property.
Entertainment Room View - Outside looking In

Now I will show you a full frontal property view of the entire house before we go inside for the inner tour.
Face front of our home

Now we are going to head into the Entertainment Room (Living Room as some refer to it).
This first view shows the back of the sofa, chairs as well as the television, yes, yes, yes we have a big screen television.
Entertainment Room 1

Aww, here is my RL lil man that I couldn’t do without him by my side in SL too! This is my SL version of my RL cat. Yes, he is a black tom cat with a bright pink collar in RL as well as in SL. Hes my favorite lil man when of course Zeke isn’t around. Sorry Baby, but Zeke out ranks you there my lil 20 part mainecoon fuzzybutt hehe
My cat Baby (RL cat brought into SL)

Now this is the other half of the room that wasn’t seen due to my back facing it. Yes, this is still the Entertainment Room.
Entertainment Room 2

I wanted to come back to the area where the Greedy table is located so you can see how we have that decorated, with the water surrounding the patio…I have several skins for my Greedy table so it changes as the kids use the table lol but that is ok we don’t mind that’s why we have so many skins to entertain the kids and hey it keeps them out of trouble that’s a bonus lol because these kids are lol a carbon copy of their daddy and me haha!

Now before we see the back rooms and the Master Bedroom I want to capture the dance area, Bad, Dinner, work area and cuddle swing areas a little bit then I will show you the Baby’s room, the Bath and Master Bedroom.

This area here is next to the Baby’s room, it’s our eating area and workspace. Yes, thats a shoutcast board from a club that I will be reopening sometime in the future (We’re aiming for the fall, but we will see).
Family Eating Area and work space

The in between of the baby’s room and the Bath we have a dance area and a cuddle swing, this is between the Eating area and the Bar area.
Family dance area

Here is a look at the Cuddle Swing and Garden area from the outside, I will show you a photo soon of the inside of the garden area with waterfalls and the cuddle swing.
Our cuddle swing in our garden with water falls

Now we will go inside the Garden room with waterfalls gracing the walls and the cuddle swing in the center of the room, the most relaxing room in the whole Estate House. I just grab Zeke and go in there to cuddle with him and relax in his warm gentle and loving arms.
Garden waterfalls and cuddle swing

Now when your feeling a little frisky and don’t feel like going to a club (which we do do once in a while, we go to all sorts of clubs from Techno, Electro to Rock Clubs…Zeke and I love music lol he kinda has to his wife is also DJ Ultra Violet haha so yeah 😛
Bar for us adults

Now we will go back to the Baby’s room, it will be done in a two photo segment as I can’t capture the full room like I wanted to. So here’s the Crib area
Our daughters room 1

On the other side is the wardrobe closet, Bathtub to clean her up and we have the changing table to make her smell all sweet baby fresh.
Our Daughters Room 2

Now we will go and check out the bathroom. I love the bathroom not only is it spacious it is inviting and has some fun things for us to do too *Winks* This is the hottub, toilet and sink area
Bath 2

Now this is the entry and shower. The shower is a nice place for us to cuddle and kiss with the option to get a lil “Freaky” lil no pun intended haha
Bath 1

Now, winding down the tour we will end with the Master Bedroom (Our Bedroom). I have to shoot this in two photos as well so that you can see the full room. It’s a large room with plenty of “Adult” fun in mind from the Durvet on the floor to the bed, the sky is the limit and there’s been a few times that we have flown somewhere lol *Winks*. So here is the front of the bedroom showing the bed and tables.
our bedroom 1

Lastly, I will show you the back of the bedroom where you can exit and go to other parts of the house (The Master Bedroom has 3 doors to exit to the patio and pool area, exit onto the patio with the greedy table and an exit to enter the Bathroom.
our bedroom 2

This concludes the tour of the Freak Estate, I hope that you have enjoyed the tour and maybe got a few ideas for your own homes decor.
Have a nice evening I plan to go and snuggle with Zeke for a bit while the kids are sleeping shhhh smiles and waves as I exit the stage to go to my darling husband. Muahs!

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